Cianalas (meaning: longing) - Song of Water

Blessing to the Water


Sung in Scots Gaelic, this song is to celebrate and bless the elementals of water. A song sung to the water, to the streams, rivers, oceans and water ways.

A song to the spirit of water, to the tidal rhythms, to the flow of the rivers.

'Cianalas', which means a gut-wrenching longing, is a song of devotion, praise and blessing to the water. This song is part of an expanded song celebrating all the elements. Gaelic culture in Scotland has always been rich in song and music, stretching back for centuries. Their oral tradition is passed from generation to generation. The Gaelic culture is known as a language that has taken its words from nature. This song celebrates the living elements of water. It is an old song of apeople close to nature, who sing to the elements.

This song and images in the video are dedicated to the waterways all of the Pacific Northwest. Currently, the poor logging practices are severely impacting the healthy stream, creek and river habitats and causing the salmon to almost disappear. The leftover debris and sediment from logging ends up in the creeks, streams and riverbeds; the logs jams impede the salmon from getting upstream. Fairy Creek itself, on Vancouver Island, has been wiped out due to an avalanche from ill logging practices in the region. The deforestation of block cutting taken by the rivers has caused the temperatures to warm, which are usually protected under the forest canopies. As a result, all the young salmon in those areas have been destroyed. Taking out the trees along the streams and rivers has caused temperatures to warm (which are usually protected under the forest canopies), killing all the young salmon fry in those areas.

As the salmon cannot access the streams and rivers, this is, in turn, harming the bears that need the fat from the salmon for hibernation, as well the salmon are the orcas main feed. This hurts all the wildlife living in or along the waterways: the wolves, bears, eagles, the trees, roots and plants, the forest and the waterways are all interconnected, needing the salmon for food.

English version

There is a thirsting on my heart,
On my heart, on my heart,
There is a thirsting on my heart
For the waters of regeneration and rebirth.

My heart is thirsting,
My heart, My heart,
My heart is thirsting,
For the spirit of the water.
Blessing to the water

Traditional melody "Braigh Uige"

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